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2014 $15 Fine Silver Coin – Iconic Superman Comic Book Covers: Action Comics #419 (1972)


A finely detailed reproduction of the famously beloved cover of Action Comics #419

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Iconic Superman Comic Book Covers: Superman Action Comics $419 (1972)
A celebration of the iconic art that has graced the covers of Superman comic books throughout all eras of Superman’s tenure, from 1938 to the present.

The reverse image, provided by DC Comics, features the popular cover of Action Comics #419. An illustrated Superman is depicted in the classic iteration of his costume with the famous yellow and red S-shield. With fists clenched and a determined grin, the superhero takes to the skies high above the bustling city below, while his cape flutters behind him. By gently overlapping the inner rim of the image’s field, Superman appears to emerge from the coin itself.

Special Features:
– A finely detailed reproduction of the famously beloved cover of Action Comics #419
– Different finishes and expert engraving bring the dynamic movement of the reverse image to life, creating the impression that Superman is soaring high in an attempt to break free from the coin itself.
– Advanced engraving techniques are used to frame the image within a series of concentric circles to create added depth and motion to the design.
– Limited mintage for this affordable fine silver(99.99% pure) coin is set to only 10,000.
– A great gift for collectors and Superman fans.

Encapsulated in a premium graphic case.

Finished Size: 93.52 mm x 88.3mm

“How do a pair of discarded football boots and a rusted pistol combine to menace everyone in Metropolis?” Why, the answer may be out of this world! In Action Comics #419, the story The Most Dangerous Man on Earth finds Clark Kent in orbit for a televised report on the launch of a telescope. But as soon as Clark sets foot back on the ground, he sets off a puzzling series of explosive chain reactions. Meanwhile, a small-time crook named Moe Malloy fishes out a pair of shoes and a gun from the river, and discovers they have unique characteristics that are perfectly suited for an unstoppable crime spree. It will be up to Superman to rise to the occasion once more and discover how these two mysterious anomalies might be linked.

Published in December 1972, Action Comics #419 featured a now-iconic cover that was made all the more memorable by Superman’s expression of joy as he blasts upward, soaring high above the city below. But trouble looms, as foretold by the cover’s tagline and the story title: “Wipe that smile off your face, Superman! You’ve just become… ‘the most dangerous man on Earth!’”

Did you know…
• In 1971, Clark Kent moved from the Daily Planet to television, becoming a news anchor for WGBS.
• The era in which Action Comics #419 was published saw Superman’s strength at its zenith. Since the 1940s, storylines had steadily expanded Superman’s super-human abilities; in this issue, Superman spends much of his time quietly exhaling super-compressed air just to keep his feet from touching the ground!

Since his first appearance in 1938, millions of readers and movie-goers have been captivated by the adventures of Clark Kent and his secret identity as Superman. Safe from the destruction of his home planet Krypton, the infant space traveller was discovered near Smallville, Kansas, by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who raised him as their son. They instilled in him the strong values and beliefs that compel him to use his superhuman abilities for the greater good. As an adult living in the big city of Metropolis, Clark keeps his powers a secret thanks to his persona as a mild-mannered reporter; but as Superman, he becomes a powerful symbol of valour, strength and justice while battling some of the greatest villains of all time.

Item Number: 133880
Face Value: $15
Mintage: 10,000
Composition: 99.99% fine silver
Weight (g): 23.17 (3/4oz)
Diameter (mm): 36.07
Edge: Serrated
Finish: Proof
Certificate: Serialized
Artist: DC Comics (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)