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$20 Fine Silver Coin – Nanaboozhoo and the Thunderbird (2014)


A celebration of the time-honoured tradition of Aboriginal storytelling through a series of beautifully detailed coins that depict a beloved Ojibwa tale: the legend of Nanaboozhoo.

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Nanaboozhoo and the Thunderbird

In the reverse image, Canadian artist Cyril Assiniboine, who is Ojibwa, presents his interpretation of a key scene from the Legend of Nanaboozhoo. After climbing the highest cliff to reach the Thunderbirds’ nest, Nanaboozhoo has incurred the horrible wrath of these majestic birds by plucking feathers from their young to strengthen his arrow. The imposing figure of one Thunderbird looms large in the background as it closes in on Nanaboozhoo, with lightning crackling from its eyes and thunder rolling from its beak. A full-face view of Nanaboozhoo allows for his traditional Western Ojibwa dress to be seen in greater detail.

Special Features:
– Each coin in this unique new series pays homage to the time-honoured cultural tradition of Aboriginal storytelling through its artistic representation of the beloved Ojibwa Legend of Nanaboozhoo.
– This coin captures a pivotal scene within the story, in which the hero is pursued by angry Thunderbirds after he has taken feathers from their young.
– 24 karat selectively gold-plated coin is certified 99.99% pure silver.
– The intricately detailed design exemplifies the Royal Canadian Mint’s world-class artistry and craftsmanship!
– An excellent gift for collectors and appreciators of First Nations folklore!

– Encapsulated and presented in a maroon flock-lined clamshell case
– Protected by a custom beauty box and accompanied by a serialized certificate – your proof of ownership for this coin and evidence that your coin has been individually inspected by the Royal Canadian Mint’s resident quality assurance specialists.

Finished Size: 70 mm x 70 mm

Storytelling has long been a rich oral tradition for Aboriginal cultures. It is said that from the first snowfall to the first clap of thunder, elders impart history, traditions and life lessons to the younger generation through rich narratives filled with allegories and imagery. For the Aboriginal Peoples, these tales – and the messages they convey – form deep connections to who they are, how they relate to the world, their ceremonial rituals and even everyday life.

Often, these stories revolve around characters that possess physical and personality traits akin to humans, animals, plants and even the elements. For the Anishinaabe, an important cultural character is Nanaboozhoo; as a shapeshifting spirit, he teaches right from wrong through his adventures while offering lessons on how to live in harmony with the natural world.

Item Number: 130509
Face Value: $20
Mintage: 8,500
Composition: 99.99% pure silver
Weight (g): 31.39 (1oz)
Diameter (mm): 38
Edge: Serrated
Finish: Proof
Certificate: Serialized
Artist: Cyril Assiniboine (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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