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Our Mission is to offer our customers a tasteful selection of unique coins at market pricing.

Our Vision is to be the destination website for Coin Collectors looking for unique coins to add to their existing collection or to give as a gift for any occasion. This includes Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, etc. We also sell to Companies seeking unique gifts for Employee Milestones, Awards or Corporate events.

We value our customers and are committed in providing you great service, quality products and a simple and enjoyable shopping experience.

Our customers can have their purchase custom gift wrapped for any occasion. Simply email us with your specifics, and we will work closely with you to ensure we meet your needs.


What type of coins will you find on this site?

We sell a tasteful selection of Gold, Silver & Nickel coins from the Royal Canadian Mint and other World Mints. We sell both Numismatic and Bullion coins, with numismatic coins having many great collectible features such as; Gold Plating, Swarovski® Crystal elements, Holograms, Unique Shapes and more, in a variety of sizes and colours. With a wide range of themes; History & Events, Sports, Nature & Wildlife, etc., there is always something for every collector. The Coin Master site is a destination resource for great gifts and corporate awards, guaranteed to make the recipient smile.


From the Beginning…


I started my collection at about the age of 11. My parents owned a supermarket, and customers would sometimes pay with coins that were from other countries. During my years at the supermarket I collected many interesting coins from around the world. It did not matter if the coins had any value, I was simply interested in the features and history of the coins. I became more observant when making purchases anywhere I went, and did not mind if stores gave me the incorrect currency as change, in fact I would ask if they had any. I stopped somewhere around 1986 as my wife and I focused on raising our three beautiful daughters. I rediscovered my passion in Feb of 2012 when I purchased the Polar Bear coin in the $20 for $20 series from the Royal Canadian Mint. My collection grew so quickly and my passion became so intense that I decided to become a reseller. S Pereira, Collector/Investor– Mississauga, ON

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